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Woman Says She Received Moldy Sandwich At Burger King

A North Carolina woman says she will never eat at a fast food restaurant again after she bit into a sandwich with moldy bread from Burger King.

Lakenda Phifer grabbed a bite to eat at Burger King while on her way to work, WSOC reported. But when she took a bite of her croissant sandwich, she noticed something was wrong.

“When I got to my parking space and opened the door, peeled back wrapper to eat the rest, I realized that I was eating mold,” Phifer told WSOC. “Contrary to belief, you cannot taste mold and savory sausage tastes better than mold -- never tasted it.

"I immediately threw up from disgust.”

Phifer took the moldy sandwich back to Burger King.

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“The manager was apologetic and refunded money with no hesitation, but Burger King corporate on social media wasn't as responsive,” she said.

Burger King responded to her Facebook post and offered her a free Whopper for her trouble, according to Phifer. She declined that offer and said she won’t be eating at Burger King again or any other fast food restaurant.

“A caution to everyone,” Phifer said. “No matter where you're eat, peel back the wrapper and see what's on your food. I'll do that if I eat out again.”

The news station discovered that the Charlotte Burger King restaurant Phifer visited had been cited eight times for health violations. Three of those violations were considered critical.

One violation report stated that surfaces that came into contact with food were not cleaned or sanitized. Another stated that an employee may have been sick while working.

Burger King issued the following statement regarding the recent issue:

“Food quality and safety are top priorities at all Burger King restaurants and we take this very seriously. We have reached out to the franchisee that owns and operates this restaurant to get further information.”

Sources: WSOC, My Fox 8 / Photo Credit: Bill Moyers, WSOC


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