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Woman Discovers What Had Been Giving Her Coffee 'Weird' Taste, Calls 911

A man in Blaine, Minnesota, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure after he admitted to ejaculating into a co-worker’s cup and onto her desk.

Robert John Lind, 34, admitted to the disturbing incident, which occurred at the hardware store where he worked in August of 2014. A female co-worker called police on Aug. 26, 2014, telling officers that she believed Lind was leaving bodily fluids on her desk. According to reports, the co-worker caught Lind near her desk with his back turned toward her and his hands near his genitals. When Lind noticed the woman standing there, he looked at her with a “deer in headlights” expression and went to another room.

When the woman inspected her desk, she began smelling a strong urine-like odor. She also noticed the same odor coming from her coffee, and allegedly had been noticing her coffee tasting foul as of late.

Lind was questioned by police, and admitted to ejaculating on his co-worker’s desk and into her drink. He told officers that he was attracted to her, and denied that the incident was out of revenge for her threatening to report his behavior.

Lind was initially charged with felony sexual conduct, but those charges were dropped in November of 2014 after it was decided that there was not sufficient evidence to bring felony charges against him. The City Attorney later filed misdemeanor indecent exposure charges, and Lind pleaded guilty on Thursday.

Response on Reddit to the decision to file lesser charges was mixed, with many Redditors saying that the case would have been much simpler had there been charges for his specific crime or if the definition on sexual conduct wasn’t so specifically defined.

“The weirdest part of this article is that the law does NOT define sexual contact to include ejaculating on another person's clothing or possessions,” Redditor Falstaffe said.

“I work in corrections in Minnesota. There's currently a bill to add this as criminal sexual conduct. Nobody thought of it until this gentlesir came along,” another user, A_Newer_Hope, added.

Do you think Lind should have been hit with the more serious felony charges?

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