Woman Discovers Squatters Living In Attic For Almost A Year (Photos)


A woman reportedly discovered squatters living in her attic after they’d been there for almost a year.

The woman took to Reddit to share her story, explaining that she began hearing strange noises at her home shortly after moving in a year ago with her boyfriend and their dog. 

“A few times, though, maybe six or eight, I was so distracted by the dull thudding noises coming from above my head that I nearly called the cops. I would go outside, wake my sleeping boyfriend up and proceed to freak out until he calmed me down enough,” the woman said.

“He always said he didn't hear a peep and that my mind was playing tricks on me. But he showed me where his collectible swords and a heavy pipe were just in case. He told me to keep the pepper spray by the bed if it made me feel better.”

According to the woman, her mother — who is also her landlord and lives next door — found a squatter living in her backyard, and the area where she lives is known for “homeless drug activity.” 

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“So, knowing all this, four months ago, my silverware disappeared. Poof, gone. It is not here in my house, nowhere to be found in my kitchen. My house is 600 sqare feet. How far can a few forks, knives and spoons go? I had had some people over to work on the plumbing since moving in and to install a washer and dryer. But I was home while they were here. And why would they want my silverware? It was just a cheap set from Target,” the woman explained. 

Just the other night, the woman’s mother called her out of her house to alert her to a light that was on in her attic, visible through cracks in the house. 

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“About 10 minutes later, five officers walked into the backyard where the attic access is. They got on the roof, flashlights and weapons drawn. That's when I started to freak out and cry. I tried to keep it together and walked away. My mom was comforting me and my boyfriend was standing guard. The officers explored the tiny attic and came out alone; no squatters,” she wrote.

“But there are sleeping bags, liquor and beer bottles, torn up pillows and papers up there.” The woman said that months earlier, plumbers emptying the attic found toys, shoes, and old TVs there. Though she initially assumed they belonged to children who used to live in the house, the realization of the squatters prompted the woman to believe that they were from “random strange men.”

“No way in hell am I sleeping tonight. I'm on high-alert now and about to smoke the first cigarette since quitting last year,” she said. “These people are still out there! They may come back. They may see the lock on the attic and retaliate.”

Sources: Mad World News, Reddit

Photo Credit: Supplied via Mad World News


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