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Woman Allegedly Recorded Herself Sexually Abusing Child

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An Indiana woman is facing charges after allegedly recording herself sexually abusing a toddler.

Jessica McCain, a 23-year-old from Lafayette, Indiana, borrowed a cellphone from an unidentified woman on May 28, according to WXIN.

She returned the phone the following day. The owner found a new video that had been allegedly recorded of McCain, which showed her performing oral sex on a 1-year-old boy.

McCain admitted to police that she indeed placed her mouth on the child’s genitals, as reported by court documents. She is facing various charges such as child molesting and child exploitation.

On the Fox 59 WXIN Indianapolis Facebook page, most commenters were shocked by the alleged incident. Some debated the peculiarities of this alleged crime, such as the use of someone else’s phone to record it.

"I'm confused why she used another person 's phone and gave it back to them," wrote Ann Worden. "It's like she's screaming for help. This baffles me."

"Quite a few sex offenders do this," wrote Chris Green, who has reportedly been certified in sex offending counseling for the past seven years. "Some mistakely believe it covers their tracks and increases their belief of not getting caught. For some others, no mental or moral comprehension what so ever except for fulfilling their deviant sexual urge."

Green explained the four preconditions that lead to child sexual abuse. According to the National Children’s Advocacy Center, this model describes the four conditions that need to be fulfilled for sexual abuse to happen. The motivation to sexually abuse a child, overcoming internal inhibitors, overcoming external barriers, and overcoming the resistance of a child must all be present for the abuse to be fully realized.

"Motivation- she simply had the desire to do it," Green explained. "Likely, the desire was there for a while before the phone borrowing opportunity occurred. Internal inhibitors- she had to have known it was wrong and morally disgraceful, but when the phone opportunity came, it may have released her motivation. External inhibitors- she may have believed using someone's phone increased her chances of not being discovered. That obviously didn't work. And resistance- since the victim was an infant, there was no resistance."

Sources: WXIN, Fox 59 WXIN Indianapolis/Facebook, National Children's Advocacy Center / Photo credit: Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office via KTLA

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