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Woman Discovers Nobody Is Coming To Best Friend's Baby Shower, Takes Matters Into Own Hands

Pregnant mother Bailey Bealefield was not expecting much after she realized no one besides her best friend of 10 years was planning to come to her baby shower, but she was in for a surprise.

Bealefield’s best friend took action on July 9, when she saw that nobody had purchased anything from the Wal-Mart online registry, My Fox Atalnta reports. She took matters into her own hands and recruited Redditors to help make the baby shower a special day.

“My best friend of more than 10 years is pregnant with a baby girl and her baby shower is this weekend,” the friend’s father-in-law posted on Reddit’s Random Kindness section on her behalf. “I just found out that no one is planning on coming except for me.

“I went to her registry on Walmart today and it has 0 items purchased so far. She's obviously upset that no one RSVP'd for her baby shower and because I'm the only one attending and I was hoping Reddit would be able to help cheer her up.”

The items on the registry ranged from 97 cents to $27, although the family added a longer wish list on, hoping that Reddit users could contribute.

“I know a few random acts of kindness would really make her day this Sunday,” the post read.

User godloki, who posted the call for help, woke up the morning of the shower to find his driveway covered in packages and was overwhelmed at Reddit users' support.

“It was a beautiful day when we arrived and of course we were all excited about how surprised Bailey was going to be,” godloki wrote as an update on Reddit. “All the kindness of people from all over the world contributing to her and her babyshower.”

Ultimately, about 10 people attended the shower.

Bealefield and her mother were completely shocked when her best friend’s family revealed their car full of gifts.

“With each bag of gifts & box of diapers she would bounce up in down, half smiling, half crying,” the post added.

"I've never felt so good in my life, my baby is going to be taken care of," Bailey said in disbelief.

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Photo Credit: Modified from Imgur


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