Woman Discovers The Homeless Man She's Seen Around Town Is Her Long-Lost Father


Idaho woman Shoshannah Hensley cried tears of joy after she discovered her biological father after a 20-year search.

Shoshannah was working at an Exxon station in Post Falls, Idaho, on Jan. 24 when a homeless man she had seen around town came in and asked how much money was left on his food stamp card. After checking the card, she asked for his name, as she had a hunch about his identity.

“You’re my biological father!” Shoshannah cried. “I’ve been searching for you for over 20 years.”

Shoshannah said that as far as she knew, her father, Brian Eugene Hensley, Sr., was just another man on the street. She had seen him many times before.

“We both started shaking,” Brian said.

During his interview with WPXI, Brian had a hard time fighting back tears. He said that when someone misses a child, they feel empty for years.

He said that he’s going to make sure the two near split again after a 20-year separation.

“I’m going to be there in every way,” Brian said. “Whatever it takes.”

Shoshannah said that after 20 years she can’t believe she finally found her father.  She says she last saw him as a toddler in her hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho, about 50 miles away from the Exxon station. 

Sources: WPXI, NBC News / Photo credit: WPXI

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