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Woman Discovers Her Fiance Has A Double Life After He Posts Marriage License On Facebook

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A Welsh woman discovered her fiance, to whom she had recently become engaged, was apparently leading a double life after he posted a marriage certificate on Facebook.

Four years ago, 48-year-old Tracy Jackson met 28-year-old Tunisian Atef Khadhraoui on a dating website, and the couple soon began a relationship. They would Skype every night, reports Daily Mirror.

“He begged me to go out and see him,” Jackson said. “But because of a hernia in my bowel, I can’t work and receive disability allowance. I told him it would take a while for me to save and started putting away £70 from each check. At first part of me did wonder why a young guy like him was interested in me. He just said you can’t choose who you fall in love with.”

Jackson said the couple got engaged during the second trip she took to visit him. “On my second day out there he arranged a huge surprise party where he proposed. I thought it was soon, but I was swept up in the moment,” she said. “I did have doubts when I saw Atef slow dancing with another woman, but he assured me she was just a friend.”

Jackson began to get suspicious of Khadraoui when she visited him in Tunisia. They had been together for almost four years at the time, and Jackson had often sent him money and gifts.

“He stopped wanting to have sex with me and he’d leave me in the flat while he went out,” she said. “It was like he didn’t want to be near me, always snapping and being cruel. He’d tell me he had to run errands, then not return for hours. I didn’t know the language so I was left stranded indoors. I told myself we were going through a rough patch. When the holiday was over and I was back home we still chatted every day. We spoke about our future, our wedding, everything felt back on track.”

A few weeks after returning home, Jackson received a message on Facebook from someone named Mariem, who turned out to be the woman Khadraoui was slow dancing with at the engagement celebration.

"I logged on and saw that I’d received a private message from a woman called Mariem,” Jackson said. “It said she was with Atef and that he’d been using me for money. Clicking on her profile picture, I felt sick to my stomach. Mariem was the woman who had been slow dancing with Atef at my engagement party. I felt like I was trapped in a nightmare. When I confronted him he sounded so calm and assured me that Mariem was just a silly girl with a crush.”

One month later, Jackson made another shocking discovery on Facebook — Khadraoui had changed his profile picture to a photo of his marriage certificate. “I felt like I’d been thwacked with a baseball bat. My fiance had married another woman and I’d been utterly clueless.

“I called Atef and asked how he could do this to me and whether he’d used my money to afford his big day," she continued. "All he did was laugh. It was heartbreaking and humiliating. He never apologized, never gave me any explanation. I can’t believe I wasted four years of my life with that rat. Sometimes I doubt whether he ever really loved me. Maybe all he ever saw me as was a walking, human cash machine.”

Source: Mirror Online / Photo Credit: Facebook


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