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Woman Discovers Boyfriend Secretly Living In Attic

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U.K. woman Marie Wright was horrified to discover that her ex-boyfriend had snuck into her attic and set up house.

Wright and Alexander Cooper had been dating for five months when Cooper stayed with Wright while her roommate was on vacation. However, Cooper apparently decided to extend his stay and refused to leave the apartment.

A few weeks later, Wright finally forced Cooper out.

Within a few days Wright began noticing that food and bedding had gone missing. The two were still dating when Wright noticed fingerprints on her attic door. Terrified, she made Cooper check the attic for burglars.

Still, Wright became suspicious of Cooper when she noticed money was missing from her bank account. That’s when Wright’s roommate decided to check the attic herself.

After an investigation, Wright and her roommate were horrified to discover a makeshift bed made of blankets and cushions from their couch and beds. The attic was also littered with food wrappers and a bag of Cooper’s clothes.

“I just felt sick when I found out,” Wright said. “It was like a horror movie.”

When police confronted Cooper, he admitted to using Wright’s card to pay loans.

“He was waiting until we went to work, coming in and going round the house, and then waiting until we came home from work and going up into the loft and staying there,” Wright said. “I felt like it was all my fault because I trusted him and he was my boyfriend.”

Wright noted that Cooper had seemed perfectly normal when they first met. She added that they had quickly fallen in love.

Last month, Cooper was sentenced to 16 months in prison. He pleaded guilty to 12 counts of fraud, three of theft and one of perverting the course of justice.

Sources: Mirror, Real Fix


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