Woman Disappointed With Date Lied To Police About Being Abducted

An Ohio woman has been charged after lying to police about an alleged abduction Friday evening.

Amy Hess, 41, called police at approximately 7 p.m. Friday, according to a report. She claimed she was kidnapped by a man who forced her into his car at a gas station. She told police that she jumped out of the car and ran.

However, an officer questioning Hess noticed that some parts of her story did not add up. Hess also provided several different accounts as to what had taken place.

Eventually, Hess acknowledged that the kidnapping had been a fabrication.

Officers were told that Hess had met a man on an online dating site, and they had agreed to go out that evening. But Hess said she was disappointed with him, describing the evening as a “bad date.” She told police that she walked away from her date while he was filling up his car at a gas station. 

The man involved was not identified to police.

Hess gave no reason for providing false information to investigators. She was subsequently charged with falsification.

Sources: Cleveland.com, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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