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Woman Digs Up Father's 10-Year-Old Grave To Find 'Real Will'

Melanie Nash will reportedly plead guilty to trying to dig up her father's grave in Colebrook, New Hampshire, in 2014.

Nash agreed to a plea deal at the Coos Superior Court on Monday.

Police say Nash got three other people to help her dig up her dad's grave in order to find his "real will" because she felt shortchanged by her late father Eddie Nash, who died in December 2004, noted The Caledonian Record.

Nash, who reportedly wrote a confession to police, will plead guilty to interfering with a cemetery or burial ground, conspiracy to interfere and criminal mischief, and abuse of a corpse.

According to police, Nash held a flashlight while two men exhumed the casket. She went through the casket and removed a bottle of vodka, some cigarettes and other items, say reports. A third person served as the driver.

Nash did not receive anything from her late dad, but believed her sister Susie Nash must have "hid the will," reports the Associated Press.

"My father did the estate planning in 1995 and the will was part of that estate planning," Susie told The Caledonian Record. "Any lawyer will know that. It says 'last will and testament.' All four of us saw a copy of that when he died, but she would not accept that. All she had to do when my father died was sit down, so it would be all four of us, but she wouldn't do it."

Sources: Associated Press, The Caledonian Record
Image Credit: Colebrook Police Department Media Handout


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