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Woman Dies While Taking Photos At Crowders Mountain State Park

Stephanie Stone Anderson, 48, slipped and fell 150 feet off of a cliff while taking photos on a family outing on May 16.

Anderson, of Waxhaw, North Carolina, was visiting Crowders Mountain State Park with her teenage daughter and husband when she fell off of Pinnacle Trail. The path is in such a remote location that it took rescue crews four hours to bring Anderson down from the mountain.

Gastonia Fire Department spokesman Chris Stowe said rescue workers tried to resuscitate Anderson, but they were unsuccessful.

Park Superintendent Larry Hyde called Anderson’s death an accident. "I don't think she was trying to do anything out of the ordinary; she just tripped and fell," Hyde said. “It’s a pretty tragic incident.”

Anderson’s family members were treated for minor cuts and sprained ankles, sustained when trying to climb down and reach her.

Last year, two visitors to Crowders Mountain State Park died: One man fell while picking up litter, and another visitor perished in a rock climbing accident. More than 577,000 people visited the park in 2014.

Sources: Shelby Star, NY Daily News, Gaston Gazette / Image via NY Daily News


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