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Woman Dies In Car Crash While Trying To Run Husband And Mistress Off Road

A Houston woman died Thursday in a car crash provoked by her effort to run her husband and his supposed mistress off the road, 12 News Now reported.

“She started ramming him from behind and then she lost control and went in to oncoming traffic,” said Deputy D. Wilkie with the Harris County Constable's Office, according to Daily Mail.

Nancy Acosta, a mother of three, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Wilkie added that it was a case of “spouse [and] ex-spouse getting into an argument or whatever and taking it out on the roadways,” 12 News Now reported. "It's such [a] sad situation."

“She was reaching speeds pretty high, spinning around out of control,” Wilkie added. “And that's when she got hit in the driver's door.”

The unidentified male driver who Acosta collided with was airlifted to a hospital. He was in critical condition but expected to recover.

Dilma Reyes, a family friend, alleged that Acosta’s husband had been spending a lot of time with his mistress.

“[Acosta] was telling me he goes three or four days out of the house and then he would come back, like a common thing,” she said.

“She was a doctor in El Salvador, and she decided to leave her career to stay with him ... she gave up her life for him.”

Acosta’s husband, Freddy, and his alleged mistress were unhurt in the incident.

The main concern for another family friend was the children.

“We feel bad [that] this happened,” they told 12 News Now. "There's three kids now with no mom."

Sources: Daily Mail, 12 News Now / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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