Woman Is Overcome By Fumes In Wine Cellar, Drowns In Giant Vat Of Wine


A wine specialist who was overcome by fumes at an industrial cellar died after losing her balance and falling into a vat of wine.

Nerea Perez was watching the fermenting process at a cellar in the Spanish village of Salas de los Barrios when she was overcome by the fumes. The 25-year-old lost her balance and then fell into the giant vat.

According to Gimebra Peralta Colunga, a worker at the cellar, nothing like this has happened at the cellar before. However, winemakers have noted that accidents like Perez’s are more common than everyone believes because of the strong fumes.

Emergency services were called to the scene after Raul Perez, Perez's uncle, found her body. However, responders were unable to save Perez and were required to council family members, who it’s said were overcome by grief.

Tribute was paid to Perez, who was also the secretary of the Socialist Youth of Bierzo, in the town of Ponferrada. The group suspended campaigning on the day of Perez’s death in order to honor her.

“We regret the loss of a member of the Bierzo, a companion, which is made more painful by the circumstance and her youth,” Alvaro Gerafo Courel, the district secretary of the party, said.

Courel added that the group sympathizes with Perez’s family and friends.

Sources: DailyMail, Mirror


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