Woman Arrested After Leaving Newborn In A Bag (Photos)


A woman from southwestern China was recently arrested after leaving her newborn baby in a plastic bag just two hours after giving birth.

The 20-year-old woman dumped the bag in a random place away from her house, according to the Mirror.

Local residents in Wangjiaoqiao village found the bag later. The baby was taken to hospital. Doctors were unable to save its life.

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Investigators identified the woman on a surveillance video walking across town and abandoning the pink plastic bag. She was wearing a red jacket and black pants.

The mother allegedly did not know who the baby’s father was and was worried about being able to look after it because she did not have a stable income.

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She confessed to police she had abandoned the baby.

If it turns out she killed the child before placing it in the bag, the mother could face additional charges.

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In a similar story, a woman was sentenced to life in jail without parole in June for treating her newborn baby in a similar manner. Emile Weaver put her baby in a plastic bag and dumped it next to a trash can at a sorority house at Ohio College.

The child suffocated and died.

It later emerged that Weaver had concealed her pregnancy for nine months, and tried numerous ways to terminate the pregnancy early. These included drinking alcohol and taking labor-inducing pills.

“No more baby,” Weaver wrote in a text message to the man who she thought was the father, according to The Washington Post. “Taken care of.”

 A jury convicted her of aggravated murder, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence. Weaver tried to plead insanity.

Sources: Mirror, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Mirror

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