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Woman Sleeps With Other Men, Boyfriend Must Be Faithful (Photos)

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A British makeup artist claims her boyfriend lets her sleep with whomever she wants, but he is not allowed to sleep with anyone. 

Beatrice Gibbs, 22, is dating 27-year-old Adam Gillet in Milton Keynes, England, the Daily Mail reports. Gibbs claims to have slept with five different men since beginning an open relationship with Gillet 18 months ago.  

However Gillet, a warehouse worker, is forbidden to have other sexual partners or else she will leave him.  

Gibbs claims she is unable to resist the allure of sleeping with other men, so she must be given this freedom in their relationship.

“It’s the perfect situation,” she said. “I have a boyfriend I love but I also get to have fun with other men when I want to. Some people might think I'm having my cake and eating it but we are happy and we're not causing anyone any harm.” 

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Gibbs says she knows it must be difficult for Gillet, but insists she doesn’t feel guilty as it is the only way they can be together.  

Gillet says that he was jealous at the start of their relationship, but has since learned to deal with his emotions. 

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"I still feel a pang of jealousy when she mentions what she has been up to, but I keep it inside. I've learned to deal with my feelings about it,” he said. 

Reaction to the story on Facebook was swift. 

“He needs to man up," one user commented. "If she was my girlfriend and she demanded that of me she'd be out the door quicker than you could say low self-esteem issues.” 

Another added, “What is the pont of being in an open relationship? Just be single & you can sleep with who you like without having to answer to anyone.” 

“A woman who sleeps around with alot of men and is proud of it, is lower than the lowest of trash," commented another. "Disgusting woman. Sorry for being so blunt.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mail/Facebook / Photo credit: Twitter via Daily Mail, Adam Gillet/Facebook via Daily Mail

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