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Baby Born To Crack-Addicted Mother In Hotel Bathtub

A Florida woman was arrested after giving birth to a premature baby boy in a motel bathtub during a crack cocaine binge.

37-year-old Chrystal Hassell only recently found out she was pregnant and vowed to stop using drugs during her pregnancy. That didn’t last long, however, and last Thursday, she checked into Ocala’s Vacation Host Inn, at seven or eight months pregnant, to binge on crack cocaine. The next day, she suddenly went into labor and delivered the baby in a bathtub. According to reports, Hassell cut the umbilical cord using her teeth. She called 911 after the newborn baby turned blue. The baby was taken to a local hospital, where he is currently in critical condition, and Hassell was arrested.

The woman apparently has three other children, two of whom have the same father, 43-year-old Vincent Terry. Terry was also arrested on outstanding warrants for charges of domestic abuse and attempted murder. Both of those charges are unrelated to Hassell’s case.

The newborn baby and his 11-month-old brother are currently in the custody of the Department of Children and Families while their parents are facing serious charges. Hassell also has a 16-year-old daughter who was born addicted to drugs, according to reports. The woman allegedly told police she has struggled with drugs since she was a teenager, and Terry, during a jailhouse interview, confirmed his girlfriend’s addiction.

“I knew she had a history of doing drugs, but not that she was doing drugs. She just found out she was pregnant,” said Terry to the Ocala Star Banner. “She's not a bad person. She just got a problem and, together, we'll fight it.”

A court hearing was held on Tuesday to determine the status of the children, and both Hassell and Terry reportedly attended. It is not clear who currently has custody of Hassell’s 16-year-old daughter in the midst of this ordeal.


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