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Woman Delivers Her Trash To Waste Company After It Neglects To Pick Up The Garbage (Video)

Debra Maddox had had enough.

Maddox, of Buncombe County, North Carolina, gave her local trash collection company an ultimatum. Waste Pro could either pick up her trash, or she would deliver it to its offices. On June 19, Maddox fulfilled her promise and dumped her trash at the company’s front door.

"Well it gets rid of my trash," Maddox told WLOS. "I don't know what else to do with my trash and if they are not picking up other people's trash, I would suggest they do the same. If they won't take your trash and you are paying for that service, bring it to them.”

Maddox is just one of many dissatisfied customers in Buncombe County. In an earlier story, WLOS reported that Waste Pro could be kicked to the curb soon. 

Last week, 20 people complained that their trash had not been picked up and Assistant County Manager Jon Creighton said the county’s attorney is working on terminating the contract with Waste Pro, which serves 35,000 people in the county.

It could take months for residents to see a change due to the logistical difficulty of implementing a new service, not to mention the bidding process for companies seeking the country contract. 

“We are working hard to get all the trash off the ground,” Ron Pecora, Waste Pro senior vice president, told WLOS.

Sources: WLOS (2)

Image: Screenshot via WLOS


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