Watch: Woman Shuts Down Harasser Who Called Muslim Family ISIS Supporters (Video)

A young woman on a train in Australia on Wednesday was filmed defending a Muslim family after they were harassed for no apparent reason by an elderly woman who called them ISIS supporters. 

Stacey Eden, 23, overheard the Sydney commuter talking disrespectfully to a woman opposite her wearing a hijab who was sitting beside her partner and baby in a carriage, reports the Mirror. She says she let the scene play out for 10 minutes before she began filming it. 

One of the comments the family was forced to endure was the elderly woman's question: "Why do you wear [a hijab] for a man that married a six-year-old girl?" reports The Independent.

The couple remained silent and chose to ignore the harassment, but Eden came to their defense and said, "She wears it for herself, OK? She wears it because she wants to be modest with her body, not because of people like you who are going to sit there and disrespect her."

The elderly woman reportedly continued to racially abuse them by saying, "Your kids behead people in Syria. [...] Read the newspapers, 148 people, Christians murdered in Kenya. They're killing each other in Syria."

Again, Eden interjected and said, "Don't sit there disrespecting someone that has nothing to do with it. Have some respect. If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything."

Eden later posted the video to Facebook, where it has been shared hundreds of time.

Sources: Mirror,The Independent/Photo Credit: Facebook via The Independent


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