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Woman Defends Husband Who Killed Infant Son

A Colorado man is accused of striking and killing their infant son because he would not stop crying. His wife is standing by him.

Matthew Allen Burry, 33, is charged with child abuse resulting in death after his infant son Dominic, died from cardiac arrest on March 26. Dominic was born on December 11, 2014.

“Something happened, but it was not my husband,” wife Brittany Burry told Fox Denver. “Matt is a wonderful man, and I will stand by him through it all,” she said.

“I lost a child. I do not want to lose my husband,” Brittany said with tears in her eyes.

The Adams County District Attorney’s Office stated that the 15-month-old had a strike mark on the side of his face. Police say that Matthew admitted to hitting the child to stop him from screaming so much.

“My husband did tap him. He did not smack him. He did not do any force, but just tried to get a normal response. He tapped him,” Brittany told Fox Denver.

“When Matt went up to see him, he was completely limp,” she said, claiming that the baby died from natural causes related to his premature birth, and that Matt did not cause the baby’s death in any way.

A police report says that, days before Dominic died, Brittany “expressed concern about Matthew striking Dominic in the stomach and abusing their pet dog” in a journal that she kept. Now, however, she says that she is misunderstood. She told Fox Denver that she wanted to clear up any misinterpretation of her personal journals. ”How many people go out there and write, I wanna see somebody dead?’” She asked. “I want to kill this person?’ But they really don’t mean that. That’s all my journals were about.”

Dominic’s parents have requested monetary donations in lieu of flowers in the baby’s obituary.

Matthew, who was convicted and served time for committing felony sexual assault in 2000, is being held on a $100,000 bond.

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Photo Credit: Fox Denver


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