Woman Goes To Great Lengths To Make It Seem Like Husband She Killed Is Still Alive


A Mexico City woman who decapitated her abusive husband, spread his remains around the city, and sent text messages to his friends and family from his phone to make it seem like he was still alive is facing life in prison for the gruesome murder.

Maria Alejandra Lafuente Caso, 40, says she had been viciously abused by her 41-year-old husband Allan Carrera Cuellar for years before she decided to kill him. According to reports, Caso slipped sleeping pills into her husband’s drink before taking a chainsaw, chopping up his body, putting his remains in black garbage bags, and dumping them around the city.

To make matters worse, investigators say that the battered woman kept up with text messages sent to her husband to make it look like he was still alive.

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“Before the body parts were found she convinced everyone that he was alive and well by sending text messages,” a police spokesperson said. “After we found the remains and managed to identify him from DNA, she pretended to be a grieving widow. But a forensic examination of her home found traces of his blood and bone gristle in the carpets and bits of flesh in the bathroom.

“She then tried to have herself sectioned using her knowledge of mental illness as a psychologist so she wouldn't have to stand trial for his murder,” the spokesperson continued. “But we had a doctor carry out tests and she is of perfectly sane mind.”

Now, the woman is facing life in prison for the murder of her abusive husband.

Sources:Daily Mail, NY Daily News / Photo Source: Daily Mail/Europics


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