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Woman Damages, Defaces Cheating Boyfriend's Car (Video)

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A cheating boyfriend’s furious girlfriend exacted her revenge on him when she damaged his car with a metal object and defaced it with spray paint, writing a shocking statement on the passenger side doors.

The incident, which was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube, began when the woman started beating her boyfriend’s white Impala with “what appears to be a metal object,” according to Inquisitr. The person filming began to move closer towards the commotion, which then revealed the shocking message the girlfriend wrote across the side of the car in black spray paint: “Punk A** Little D**k N***a.”

After making plenty of dents in the car, the woman walked away and returned a short time later with a knife. She began puncturing the the car tires, and a few minutes later she finished the job by breaking the windows.

Reaction to the video was mixed. Some applauded the woman’s actions, saying the boyfriend got what he deserved for what he did to his girlfriend. Others called her immature and said her actions defied logic.

“That’s because women don’t use logic. They only react with emotions ... hence situations like this. Ridiculous,” one commenter said. “She’s going to jail and will have pay $10,000 for damages. She still lost lol,” another wrote. “Property damage 1k-5k is a Felony. Up to Five years in prison. if his POS impala is worth 5k-10k it Up to 10 years in prison. People like this need to sit in jail for 2-3 years just to think about how dumb they are.”

Watch the intense video below. Do you think the scorned girlfriend was right to destroy her unfaithful boyfriend’s car?

Sources: Inquisitr, YouTube / Photo Credit: Screen Capture via Inquisitr


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