Woman Curses at Muslim Man, Threatens to Kill Him (Video)


An Alaskan woman was recently caught on a cell phone video screaming racist insults and threatening a Muslim man whom she was in an accident with.

The unidentified man approaches the woman's car on the roadside and apologizes for the accident, but she immediately rips him for allegedly running her off the road (video below).

According to RawStory.com, the woman says, "You better open your godd---- eyes and learn how to drive, you f------ Muslim. You’re a Muslim, aren’t you?”

After the man confirms he is a Muslim, the woman yells, "I godd--- knew it. You blow up school bus children, you godd---- son of a n----- loving atheist loving bitch.”

The woman tries to get out of her car several times, but appears to be struggling with her seat belt. She screams at the man to give her his "godd---- phone," which he refuses to do so.

Mediaite.com notes at one point she yells, "F--- you. If I had a gun I would shoot you dead.”

“I’m going to godd---- kill your kids and your mother," the woman screams. "I’ve got people who will do it. I’m gonna godd--- run you over.”

The woman then gets out of her car, chases the man back to his car, returns to her vehicle and almost runs him down while driving off.

Sources: RawStory.com, Mediaite.com


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