Woman Crushed to Death Trying to Retrieve Phone From Under Bus

BROOKLYN—Witnesses report that a woman was crushed to death when she crawled under a bus on Wednesday to retrieve her dropped phone.

The B44 bus was idling at a Bedford-Stuyvesant stop between Fulton and Halsey streets around 1:30 p.m.

The unidentified woman was pinned under the back right tire of the bus as witnesses on the sidewalk screamed in horror for the driver to stop.

Witnesses said that the woman had even been warned by a fellow rider that attempting the dangerous retrieval wasn’t worth it.

“She said, ‘My phone!” said 66-year-old witness Benjamin Bolden. “The guy said, ‘leave it.’ Then I heard someone screaming.”

Bolden said that he “saw the woman’s head was crushed.”

“Her body was trembling, and blood was spurting everywhere and I knew she was gone. The bus driver looked traumatized.”

Although it remains unclear what type of cellphone the victim dropped, a thin black phone was found next to her blood-soaked body.

Police have been unable to identify the woman because she wasn’t carrying ID. Gothamist reports that she was 50 years old.

The MTA and NYPD are investigating the incident; no criminality is suspected.

“She’s dead and it was all over a phone,” said 43-year-old Kindu Allen. “You know how it feels like to watch someone’s head explode and brains splatter? I’m traumatized.”

A source said that the driver is a 23-year-old MTA veteran who is “devastated with sorrow” and who was treated at a nearby hospital.

The driver reportedly stopped about half a block away from the site of the incident. A witness said that he “did not know what happened.”

Gothamist reports that police have said that the driver will not be cited or charged with any crime.

Sources: NY Post, Gothamist

Photo Sources: NY Post


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