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Woman Convicted For Carving Her Name Into Lover's Arm

In June 2009, Dominique Fisher and Wayne Robinson spent four drug-and-alcohol fueled days together, but at the end of their fling, Robinson woke up covered in blood. 

Fisher carved her name and a star into Robinson’s body using a knife and allegedly told him "I'm a tattooist. I thought you'd like it,” Lancashire Telegraph reported. 

Robinson apparently fled Fisher’s Blackburn, England, apartment and Fisher was charged with unlawful wounding. She was found guilty after a three-day trial, but avoided jail time, Telegraph reported.

 "I'm quite satisfied in the time that followed in your flat both of you had a great deal to drink and took other substances, including Valium, and both of you were in no fit state to be doing anything,” udge Andrew Woolman told Fisher during sentencing. 

"The cuts were not deep, fortunately, although they could have been and they have left permanent scars and left your name carved into his arm."

Robinson was conscious the whole time and that she initially refused to mark his body. 

"He wanted to put his name into me and I said no. We were both awake, knew what we were doing and talking about,” she said. "He was sat on the end of the bed, baring his arm. Both of us wiped the blood away.

"I was asking him did it hurt. He said 'no, carry on’."

Fisher said she can’t remember putting the star on Robinson’s back, but she apologized during the trial.

Sources: Lancashire Telegraph, Telegraph Image via Telegraph


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