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Woman Adds New Sticker To Truck In Response To Backlash (Photo)

Woman Adds New Sticker To Truck In Response To Backlash (Photo) Promo Image

A Texas woman had a creative response to the sheriff who threatened her with arrest for an anti-Trump stick on her truck.

Karen Fonseca, 46, decided to add another sticker to her truck, insulting the sheriff who spoke out against her original Trump sticker, KHOU reports.

The smaller sticker, placed right next to the Trump one, reads in bold lettering: "f**k Troy Nehls and f**k you for voting for him."

The message is targeted at Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy E. Nehls, who sparked a media firestorm after making a Facebook post threatening to arrest the owner of a truck that had a crass anti-Trump message.

The post showed a picture of a decal on the back of a truck that read "F**k Trump and F**k you for voting for him." A middle finger is placed directly in the middle of the decal.

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Nehls asked for the owner of the truck to meet with him, saying that charges may be pressed.

"I have received numerous calls regarding the offensive display on this truck.... Our Prosecutor has informed us she would accept Disorderly Conduct charges regarding it, but I feel we could come to an agreement regarding a modification to it," he captioned the photo.

The post quickly went viral, with thousands weighing in on the Fonseca's right to freedom of speech, according to the HuffPost.

The American Civil Liberties Union even joined the fray, asking Fonseca to contact the organization.

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"No, Sheriff Troy E. Nehls, you can’t prosecute speech just because it contains words you don’t like," the organization wrote alongside a screenshot of Nehls' original post. "The owner of this truck should contact the ACLU of Texas."

The status has since disappeared from Nehls' profile.

Fonseca said that she had the sticker for nearly a year and that the decal has caused quite a bit of controversy in the community.

"It’s not to cause hate or animosity," she said. "It’s just our freedom of speech and we’re exercising it."

Soon after Nehls' post, Fonesca was arrested on an outstanding warrant unrelated to the sticker and was released on bond. But, she says that her arrest was connected to her truck.

"I'm almost certain it does have to do with this," she told KHOU. "People abuse the badge, and in my opinion, money talks. When you're in politics, people know how to work the system."

Nehls has responded to the new decal calling him out, saying that he is "not surprised" and that the message itself is "somewhat disgusting." 

Sources: KHOU, HuffPost / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Karen Fonseca via KHOU, WFAA

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