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Woman Claims Texas State Trooper Violated Her During Search (Video)

Jennifer Stelly claims that a Texas state trooper violated her private parts during an invasive search on the side of a highway in broad daylight in Brazoria County, Texas, in March 2013.

After Stelly and her boyfriend Channing Castex were pulled over for speeding by some male state troopers, Castex claims that he was handcuffed after he admitted to smoking marijuana.

A male state trooper then called a female trooper to the scene to search Stelly. A dashcam inside a state trooper's car filmed the search (video below).

"She started to go into my clothing and she penetrated areas that I don't wish to disclose at this point," Stelly told reporters in December 2014, noted "I was scared. I was violated. I was just, I didn't know what to do."

"I was afraid, for one," added Stelly. "But more than afraid, I was publicly humiliated. I was violated in broad daylight."

The state trooper reportedly didn't find any drugs during the invasive cavity search.

Stelly filed a lawsuit against the female trooper, three other troopers and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

According to WPTV, Stelly's lawyer Allie Booker said, "It's not right for you to sexually violate someone. There is no clause in the constitution or any other law that allows you to do that and so they need to be fired."

Sources:, WPTV
Image Credit: Screenshot


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