Kenya Harris has filed a $50,000 lawsuit against the City of Albany, Georgia, the chief of police and two police officers, because she suffered a miscarriage after being in police custody in May 2011.

In her lawsuit, Harris claims that the Albany Police Department called her because her son had been arrested. After waiting at the police station for five hours, Harris claims that she told Officer Ryan Jenkins that she had to leave because her other children were at home.

Harris' lawsuit says that Officer Jenkins "did not appreciate the tone in which she was communicating with him, and further stated that if she continued he would take her head and 'put it to the floor,'" noted Courthouse News Service.

Harris claims she told Officer Jenkins again that she had to leave and he grabbed her "by her neck and slammed her to the ground."

Harris' lawsuit says that she blacked out temporarily, but woke up to find "Officer Jenkins sitting on her back, and with his knee on her arm."

Harris, who was pregnant at the time, also asserts that Officer Jenkins handcuffed and "slammed her against the wall," after which she was "placed into an interrogation room."

Harris' lawsuit says that she was denied medical care, jailed for the night for obstruction of justice, and suffered a subsequent miscarriage that was the result of Officer Jenkins' actions, noted

Harris claims that Officer Richard Brown was compliant during the physical abuse by Officer Jenkins which also resulted in "a knee contusion, neck spasms, muscle pain and bruising."

Sources:, Courthouse News Service / Image Credit: Michael Rivera


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