Selfie From Beyond The Grave? Woman Claims Dead Grandma Sent Her A Pic

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A Romanian woman claims her grandmother is reaching out to her from beyond the grave.

Gina Mihai, 34, says her dead grandmother sent her a selfie on her mobile phone because she needs help. Mihai believes she is being punished “in the other life.”

"When I switched on the phone I was horrified to see my dead grandmother's face," Mihai said, according to Metro.

"She had what looked like a snake around her neck and the whole image looked as if it had been taken through a hole, like it was shot through a tear in the fabric that separates the living from the dead,” she added.

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Superstitious villagers in Scurtesi have reportedly been packing local churches since the news broke.

“I took it to a fortune teller who told me that my grandmother was sending me a message from the other side, the snake around her neck was a symbol of the fact that she was being punished in the other life for some sin,” Mihai said.

Mihai says she partly to blame for her grandmother’s punishment because she failed to take food to her grave, a traditional feast of the service of alms in Romania.

Sources: Metro, Fox 8 Cleveland


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