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'He's Come Back To Haunt Me': Woman Claims Dead Brother Is Terrorizing Her Home (Video)

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British woman Donna Ayres claims to have captured paranormal activity on camera and argues that the haunting spirit is her dead brother.

Ayres reported that she’s moved five times in order to escape her brother’s unsettled spirit, but that he’s followed her each time. The mother of four noted that she has bruises from the ghost and was once pinned down on the bed by it. She has even managed to film a number of the alleged incidents, including flying spoons and moving light fixtures.

Ayres said that the disturbances began in 2009, just after her brother Paul died. Ever since, Ayres claims that her brother has made strange things happen in her house.

“We had a very troubled relationship, perhaps that’s why he’s come back to haunt me,” Ayres told the Mirror.

Ayres said that although the paranormal activity is often too quick to film, she feels she has done her best to catch various instances of it.

"Once my guitar started playing on its own which I actually found very interesting," Ayres said. "I know this makes me sound stupid but it's the truth."

According to Sefton Paranormal Investigators, if the video is genuine, the spirit would be classified as a poltergeist, or a supernatural force blamed for physical disturbances.

The videos have sparked a debate on social media with a number of other paranormal investigators offering to conduct an investigation in Ayres’ home.

Sources: DailyMail, Mirror / Photo Credit: Caters


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