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Woman Claims Cops Murdered Her Brother, Shooting Caught On Video

A police officer in Lakewood, Washington, was caught on a cell phone video fatally shooting a man who was hiding in a lumberyard on Tuesday.

The cell phone video (below) shows the police officer firing several shots at Daniel Covarrubias, who was hidden behind some boards.

Two police officers answered multiple calls about a suspicious man who had climbed a fence and was in the lumberyard parking lot.

The officers, who approached Covarrubias, claimed that he reached into his pocket, but the Lakewood Police Department refuses to say if Covarrubias was armed.

Covarrubias' family told The News Tribune that he suffered from hallucinations and had been released from a local hospital only hours before the shooting.

Covarrubias' sister Lanna told KOMO News, "And he was shot and murdered in broad daylight by the police, by the Lakewood police."

"I don't think he had a weapon, I know he didn't have a weapon," Lanna added.

Lanna told Q13 Fox that her brother struggled with drug addiction and mental health issues, but was trying to get his life back together for his seven kids.

A lumberyard employee told KOMO News that Covarrubias put his hand in his pocket, pulled it out, pointed his finger and pretended to shoot.

KOMO News added that court records showed that Covarrubias had been previously arrested for "auto theft, drunk driving, eluding police and assault," and had been to prison.

Sources: KOMO News, Q13 Fox, The News Tribune
Image Credit: KOMO News


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