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Woman Allegedly Chokes Girl Blocking Fireworks View (Photo)

A Michigan woman allegedly choked a girl on April 5 for blocking her view of the Walt Disney World fireworks display in Florida.

Tabbatha Kaye Mature, 41, now faces charges of child abuse and was arrested, WDIV reports.

Mature grew aggravated after a group of high school children and chaperones stood up in front of her to watch the fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom.

Although one of the girls invited Mature to take her spot when she left, Mature allegedly responded by  attacking the child.

"[She] wrapped both hands around my neck and began squeezing," said the girl, who screamed as her head was reportedly pushed towards the ground.

"You don't want to mess with me," Mature said.

The girl and her friends promptly informed a Walt Disney World employee of the incident.

While the alleged victim refused medical treatment, the girl and her mother will be pressing charges against Mature.

Many were appalled by Mature's behavior.

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"Ms. Mature, at 41 years old, isn't very "mature" now is she?" commented one person on the CBS News' website. "Good grief lady!"

Some defended Mature.

"I'm sure there's more to the story," wrote one person on the WKMG website. "I'm in no way condoning the woman's behavior at all. But judging by the demeanor of some teenagers in today's society, I'm sure words were exchanged PRIOR to the girls deciding to leave. And I'd bet that the young lady's remark 'you can take our spot' was not said kindly, which just set the stage for the grab & choke."

"If you've every been behind some fool at a an event that brought a sign to try and get on TV, then you'll understand her frustration," added another person on the CBS post.

Others thought Mature was in the wrong.

"Haven't we all been a concert, sporting event, parade...and people are standing up in front of you??" chimed in another. "I certainly have but the thought of physically attacking someone over it never crossed my mind even though it is about you just go find an usher/Disney worker and ask them to intervene if asking the girls wasn't working?? You know, act like the adult who you are supposed to be."

Mature's child abuse charges come ironically as Florida commemorates Child Abuse Prevention Month, reports WCTV.

"Every single child deserves a healthy, happy childhood," said Jennifer Hartshorne of Prevent Child Abuse Florida. "So we as a community and as individuals, we have a moral obligation to do everything we can to help our children in our state, in our city, and in our neighborhoods."

Sources: WDIV, CBS, WCTV, WKMG / Photo credit: Disney Parks Blog, Orange County Sheriff's Office via New York Daily News

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