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Police: Woman Vandalized Office Of Dentist Who Killed Cecil The Lion

Kimberley Socha, 41, has been arrested on a count of felony property damage for allegedly vandalizing the practice of dentist Walter Palmer in Bloomington, Minnesota.

In July, Palmer gain notoriety for killing the beloved lion Cecil during a hunt in Zimbabwe. Since then, he has received intense backlash for his actions, prompting him to temporarily leave his practice at River Bluff Dental. Palmer even had to spend thousands on private security since the controversy, but he returned to work on Sept. 8, Daily Mail reported. 

Police were called to River Bluff Dental on Sept. 28 after a witness saw that office's sign had been vandalized, 10 News reported.

Socha is accused of writing “perv” and “scum” in spray paint on the sign in front of River Bluff Dental, and she was arrested along with two other women who had been seen at the location. All three women were found standing near the sign when officers arrived.

The other two suspects were identified as Amy Lynn Waz, 41, and Melissa Lynn Waz, 44. On Sept. 29, Socha was charged with felony damage to property. No charges were brought against the other two women.

The two sisters reportedly told police that they traveled from Florida to protest at the dental practice but knew nothing about Socha’s plan to spray paint the sign.

According to Palmer, the signs cost $1,600 each and now have to be replaced.

Since the killing of Cecil sparked international outrage, the dentist has maintained he was unaware of Cecil’s popular status and that he trusted his Zimbabwean guides to follow the law. Two Zimbabweans face criminal charges related to Cecil’s death.

If Socha is found guilty, she could face up to five years in jail and a fine of $10,000.

Sources: Daily Mail, WTSP, / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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