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Woman Charged For Throwing Her Children Out Of A Second-Story Window

A Las Vegas mother was arrested and charged with attempted murder and child abuse after she threw her two children out of a second-story window before jumping out herself.

35-year-old Luz Robledo Ibarra told police that on the morning of June 12, she heard voices that told her she needed to throw her one-year-old daughter and six-month-old son out of the window. When police arrived, they found Ibarra in her yard with her mother and the two severely injured children.

Ibarra denies that she ever had thoughts of hurting herself or her children, but she does say that the voices she heard overwhelmed her to the point that she felt it was what she needed to do. Reports claim that Ibarra has had a history of mental health issues, including a recent bout of depression for which she was prescribed medication. The doctor that prescribed her the medication wrote in a report that “the patient denies suicidal thought, but she looks very restless and uncomfortable.”

Vanessa Delorenzis, a postpartum depression support group leader, says that Ibarra exhibits many of the symptoms that are associated with the disorder.

"These women, you can't judge them for what they've done or what they're going through because you'll never understand," said Delorenzis, who herself dealt with postpartum depression after giving birth. "If women would speak about it more, I think more would find support with each other. I have people who think I could have just turned it off by walking or running. That's not really the case. I was able to call my parents and they were able to talk to me. But I can say that in certain moments I was not in my right mind.”

Still, despite a very clear history of mental health issues, Ibarra has been officially charged in absentia with two counts of attempted murder and two counts of child abuse with substantial bodily harm while she recovers from a broken pelvis in the hospital. Her two children are also still in the hospital receiving treatment for the serious injuries they sustained.


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