Woman Charged With Stabbing Her Boyfriend To Death

Sarah Willis, 19, began dating Bilal Saddique, 29, after she converted to Islam. However, their tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship ended in tragedy when Willis allegedly stabbed and killed him.

The Telegraph reported Willis was fighting with Saddique over her friendship with a colleague when she stabbed him at their home in Blackburn, Lancashire, on Aug. 18, 2014, severing an artery. He died at a local hospital a short time later.  

Willis told jurors she frequently fought Saddique over their “cultural differences.” He was raised in a conservative Muslim home, and Willis led a Westernized lifestyle. Saddique was very private about his relationship with Willis. In fact, one lifelong friend was unaware he was dating a englishwoman. 

Saddique wanted Willis to conform to conservative standards of dress and hated her ”tight and short clothing" because "other men looked at her.” Willis’ coworker Asma Day said her temperament was mercurial; at times Willis was "happy, loud and disruptive" and at other times "appeared flirtatious and would spend a lot of time on her phone.”

Day said Willis would show up to work with expensive makeup and accessories and claim Saddique bought it for her, but other times she would complain he was “controlling.”

Despite their fraught relationship, Day said Willis believed they would eventually get married. "She said she had never been introduced to (Saddique's) mother and she was conservative and wouldn't accept her. She said they loved each other and were going to get married.” 

Prosecutor Francis McIntee said, “Willis said against a background of arguments whilst she was collecting the knives he taunted her that he had slept with a woman.”

"He said he had slept with her and had done so on a number of occasions including as recently as the past week … Her account is that during this argument (Saddique) was sitting on the work surface in the kitchen area and (Saddique) has started to say 'come on hit me, come on f****** stab me if you hate me.’”

Later during that argument, she allegedly grabbed the knife and Saddique stabbed himself in the leg, severing his artery, while her hand was around the knife. 

Paramedics said Willis was in a daze when they arrived. When she was arrested later, she told police: "We had an argument, had a bit of a fight. I grabbed a knife, and then he grabbed it off me then he grabbed it and stabbed himself. I can't believe this has happened, all over a stupid argument. If anything happens to him, I will kill myself.” 

Upon learning Saddique had died, Willis fell to the ground and began sobbing hysterically and said: "I'm going to do it. You can't stop me.”

The prosecution alleges that Willis stabbed Saddique in the heat of the moment, but Willis has denied both the murder and manslaughter charges levied against her.

The trial is ongoing.

Source: The Telegraph / Image via The Telegraph


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