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Woman Charged With Stabbing Boyfriend With Stiletto Freed On $100,000 Bond (Video)

A woman accused of murdering a man with a stiletto heel has been released from Harris County Jail in Texas Wednesday on $100,000 bond, causing another man to fear for his life.

According to KHOU 11 News, Ana Trujillo, 44, faces charges after stabbing her 59-year-old boyfriend, University of Houston professor Alf Stefan Andersson, 30 times with a stiletto shoe at his apartment.

Now, Jim Carroll, who is expected to testify in her trial, is frightened for his life ever since Trujillo was arrested.

“She told me on two different occasions, that if anybody ever screwed with her that they were going to get this in the eye and it was a stiletto heel,” he told KHOU 11.

The two met when Trujillo when she was renting an apartment at a complex he was managing.

Carroll said he has spent the past six months, while Trujillo was in jail, constantly checking websites to see if she had paid her bond and been released from jail.

“It’s crazy, why would they let somebody out on bond that just murdered a guy hitting him 31 times in the face with an object?” he said. 

Carroll said he’s not afraid to testify, but he is worried she may attempt to look for him before she goes trial.

The Daily Mail reported that the judge discussed conditions of her bond in court Friday morning.

It all started when Trujillo and Andersson spent an evening in June at Bodegas, a local taco shop, where they drank wine and shots of tequila.

But things took a turn for the worse when another man at the bar offered to buy Trujillo a drink.

Andersson got jealous, and began fighting with Trujillo when they returned to his apartment around 2 a.m.

Trujillo told police that she pulled out a clump of Andersson’s hair when he grabbed her, and then started beating him with her stiletto, causing stab wounds.

Trujillo says it was in self-defense.


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