Woman Charged For Severely Abusing Her Adopted Teen Daughter By Forcing Her To Eat Cat Litter


A Pennsylvania mother was charged with assault after authorities discovered that she allegedly abused her adopted daughter by forcing her to eat cat litter, trying to sew her mouth shut, and trying to gauge her eyes out.

According to reports, 46-year-old Rana L. Cooper was charged with simple assault, reckless endangerment, and endangering the welfare of a child this week. In addition to making her adopted daughter eat cat litter and trying to sew her mouth together, Cooper also allegedly beat the girl with a hairbrush, spit on her, and choked her until she blacked out. The girl, who was so badly neglected, reportedly resorted to scraping the inside of the toilet with her finger and eating what she could get up because she was so hungry. She was allegedly starved and not allowed to use the restroom until she gained enough points from doing household chores.

Back in May, child welfare authorities were alerted to the girl’s home while investigating an assault at the teen’s school.

AP reports that the arrest affidavit listed a number of other offenses, including, ”not letting the girl eat with the rest of the family, sitting on the girl for minutes at a time, force feeding her until she vomited, making her eat half a tube of toothpaste and jamming a Q-tip into her ear, causing it to bleed.”

“If it was time to eat and no one else was around, mother would allow child to eat and would make the child shovel food quickly into her mouth," state police Cpl. Robert Copechal wrote on the affidavit. "Mother would then make the child tell mother that she was eating one of her brothers.”

Last month, Cooper allegedly admitted to police that she held her daughter’s head under water for three to 10 seconds.

The girl is now in the care of her older siblings, and Cooper’s son maintains that none of the allegations against his mother are true.

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC News, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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