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Woman Charged With Rioting After Receiving Wrong Order At Taco Bell

A 24-year-old woman was charged with second-degree riot following an altercation at a Taco Bell. Police say Laresha Marie Uting, of St. Paul, Minnesota, and two friends were upset over a wrong order and started a fight with the employees and some customers.

Charges say Uting and her friends, referred to as “Guns” and “BJ” in the criminal complaint, orderd from the drive-thru on May 26. Upset over what they claimed was an incorrect order, they parked the vehicle and entered the restaurant, swearing and yelling, reported KARE11.

The manager disputed the allegations that the order was incorrect; he says he told police he checked and verified it. That was when a group of teenage regular customers stepped in and told the group to stop harassing the staff and leave, reported The Huffington Post.

Nikko Senn, 15, who told CBS Minnesota he is a seven-year regular at that Taco Bell, stepped in.

One man allegedly started swinging at Senn. When a friend of the victim started recording on a cellphone, Uting admitted to police that she went to her car to grab a tire iron. She allegedly handed it to “Guns,” who reportedly hit Senn over the head with the tire iron.

“If it had to happen again, I’d (step in) in a heartbeat,” Senn told CBS Minnesota.

On the back to their car, the group allegedly punched another customer in his face while he was walking out of his vehicle. Uting said to officers that she grabbed her friends off him because he had nothing to do with what happened inside the Taco Bell, reported KARE11.

Charges say Uting picked up a chair and threw it at the employees standing behind the counter. Uting admitted to police that she went to her car to grab a tire iron. She also said she only grabbed the it because somebody had first thrown a chair at them.

Police recovered the tire iron and surveillance video of the brawl. Uting was the only person charged by the police. She is facing a felony count of second-degree riot with a dangerous weapon, reported The Huffington Post.

Sources: KARE11, The Huffington Post, CBS Minnesota

Photo Credit: KARE11, Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office


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