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Woman Charged with Five Crimes for Selling Fresh Lobster Tails on Craigslist

Kasey Platt was arrested on Monday after allegedly selling lobster tails through Craigslist.

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers, Platt (pictured) sold fresh lobster tails to an undercover state wildlife officer in Marathon, Florida, which is located in the Florida Keys.

Apparently, officials were somehow altered that Platt placed an ad on Craigslist offering lobster tails for $10 each, noted CBS Miami.

Platt's Craigslist ad read: "Fresh Lobster Tails -- $10 a tail. Shipping available @ extra charge," stated Lt. Josh Peters in his police report.

"The advertiser stated the lobster tails were frozen, but had only been frozen for three days, thus guaranteeing their freshness and indicating the lobsters were harvested during the recreational mini-season," wrote Lt. Peters.

Officer Raul Pena-Lopez contacted Platt and agreed to pay $250 for 25 tails.

However, after buying the lobster tails in a Kmart parking lot, state wildlife officers arrested Platt.

According to, Platt was charged with "unlicensed sale of saltwater products, possession/sale of Florida spiny lobster during the closed season, not possessing a saltwater products license, not possessing a retail dealer license and not possessing bills of laden and invoices for the transport of saltwater products."

Source: CBS Miami and


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