Woman Charged With Child Rape After Allegedly Being Found Naked With Three Boys

A woman has been charged with child rape after her boyfriend reportedly found her naked with three young boys in their apartment.

According to police, Anne Elizabeth Doubler, 30, was found by her boyfriend with the three boys when he came home with their 4-year-old son.

"He walked into the apartment, ended up seeing his girlfriend completely naked and there were three boys that were inside the house," said Officer Sam Clemens of the Sioux Falls Police Department.

The three boys with Doubler were between the ages of seven and 10-years-old. They ran out the door of the apartment when the boyfriend walked inside.

Doubler’s boyfriend confronted her and called the police.

The boyfriend claims Doubler admitted to him that she did have sexual contact with the boys.

Police are investigating whether there are more victims that were not present in the apartment at the time, reports KDLT.

"We believe there was probably a total of six," said Clemens. "We don't know if it necessarily started last night, or if it's been going on for some time.”

At this time Doubler is facing three counts of rape, and charges of sexual contact with a child under sixteen, and sexual exploitation of a minor, KELO reported.

The young boys are neighbors of Doubler’s and while police do not know whether this is the first time Doubler was alone with the boys it was not the first time they had been to her home, reports the Daily Mail.

The mother of one of the boys says her son came home shaking after the incident.

"She is bad, very bad," said Batulo. "I asked the officer, I said 'what is going on, what is she doing to my baby.’ The boys are seven and eight-years-old. I said 'what's she thinking.'”


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