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Montana Woman Robin Renee Morgan Charged After Pointing Gun at Man She Thought Was Criminal

Robin Renee Morgan of Helena, Mont., is facing charges for assault with a weapon and violating a city ordinance for carrying a loaded weapon in the city. Her crime? Morgan used her gun to hold a suspected criminal hostage.

The only problem was that she caught the wrong man.

According to Troy McGee, the police chief of Helena, officers were dispatched to the scene because they received a report that a woman from a red car had pulled over a man in truck and was holding the truck driver at gunpoint.

Morgan believed that the truck driver was Gary Hansen, who was wanted in a nearby county under charges of incest. Hansen recently caused a stir when he went on the lam, evading police roadblocks and disappearing into the Treasure State. The person that Morgan had pulled over, however, was not Hansen.

Police ordered Morgan to put down her weapon and then they promptly threw her in cuffs. They later found out that Morgan had pulled up next to the man in her car, pointed her gun at him and ordered him not to move or she would shoot him. The man told police that he feared for his life.

Morgan did not quite get her wish. The Helena county jail did gain one extra person that night, but the suspected criminal was a misguided vigilante rather than an incest perpetrator.

How do you think that the authorities should handle Morgan’s situation? Should they throw the book at her for endangering the life of an innocent person and foolishly pursuing vigilante justice? Or is this just a simple misunderstanding that should be forgiven because nobody was hurt? 

Source: KRTV


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