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Woman Charged After Allegedly Attacking Sister With Spatula, Biting Finger

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West Virginia woman Stephanie Platt now faces serious charges after she attacked her sister with a grill spatula and bit her finger.

Ohio County sheriff deputies arrested Platt on Tuesday evening. When authorities arrived, Platt’s mother reported that she had to break up the fight between the sisters.

Reports of the incident indicated that both sisters were covered in blood, though Platt admitted that none of it was her own.

Platt’s sister was taken to Ohio Valley Medical Center where she received stitches for her head.

The 25-year-old now faces a felony malicious wounding charge, according to a criminal complaint.

Platt was arraigned by an Ohio County magistrate and has since posted bond.

The spatula seems to be a popular weapon of choice – last December, a woman struck her husband in the head with a spatula.

Commenters on the story have joked that a ban on “assault” spatulas could be in the future.

Sources: WTOV9, DailyMail


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