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Woman Caught On Video Forcing Boy To Run Beside Her While Riding Bike (Video)

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A woman was caught on video (below) riding her bike down the sidewalk in Charleston, Illinois, while a young child runs beside her, struggling to keep up.

Facebook user Phillip Freezeland said he spotted the woman dragging a child alongside her for seven blocks before he began filming. It reportedly continued for another four blocks. The video was posted April 28.

The woman spots Freezeland filming as she gets closer to where he parked, and begins shouting angrily at him, reports

“You’re dragging that kid down the road,” Freezeland says in the video.

“Mind your f****** business, you a******,” the woman shouts. “You f****** racist a******.”

“I’m not racist!” he yells in response. 

“Forget about what you see over here because I’m not none of your f**** concern,” the woman says.

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According to Freezeland, the woman was yelling and cursing at the boy for not running fast enough. She also allegedly hit him in the head. The woman in the video maintained that the incident was taken out of context, and that she hadn’t harmed her child in “any way, shape or form.” 

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is investigating the incident.

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

Sources: My Fox DC, YouTube

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