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Couple Caught Stealing Easter Eggs Meant For Toddler

A couple from San Diego was caught on surveillance camera stealing Easter eggs meant for a 1-year-old boy from a family garden.

The Ford family put out the eggs for their son Gabe before leaving for Church on Easter Sunday, March 27, media reports say.

The egg hunt was meant to be more than just a bit of fun for the toddler, who suffers from a condition called syndactyly. His fingers had been conjoined on both hands.

“This past January Gabe had his fingers separated,” said Gabe's mother, Janet, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

Gabe had to wear casts up to his armpits for six weeks, and his parents hoped that encouraging him to pick up the eggs would help him get used to using his hands.

Gabe also has Down syndrome.

“His fingers have been swollen and what little bit of use he had of his hands, he had to learn in a different way,” Janet told the Union Tribune.

“We’ve been working on picking up eggs and putting them in a basket for the past few weeks. It’s been his therapy,” she added to KSWB.

The family noticed the eggs were missing when they returned home from church.

“My husband was mad but I thought, no, it’s Easter. Easter is about forgiveness,” Janet added, according to the Union Tribune.

Initially, Janet and her husband, Michael, were unsure what had happened to the eggs. But when they noticed some Easter decorations were also missing, they checked their surveillance camera and made an unexpected discovery.

They saw a middle aged couple approach the garden and pick up some of the eggs before returning with two children to take the rest away.

“You can see that the woman knows exactly what she’s doing,” Michael said to KSWB. “When a car goes by, she jumps off the lawn and then she’s clear and gets right back to work.”

“It’s our responsibility to raise the next generation,” Janet told the Union Tribune. “I can’t fathom why adults would do this.”

The local police say they have some people they wish to speak to regarding the case, but the district attorney's office will make the final decision on filing charges.

Local residents who heard about the theft set up a Facebook page to organize another hunt for Gabe.

Sources: KSWB, San Diego Union Tribune/ photo credit: Janet Ford/San Diego Union Tribune

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