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Woman Caught On Security Camera Pouring Acne Lotion Into Coworker's Water (Video)

Security cameras caught a Maryland woman allegedly pouring deadly chemicals into her coworker's water bottle, police say (video below).

The suspect, 27-year-old Luz Lemonfield, faces charges of assault, reckless endangerment and attempted poisoning for reportedly pouring acne medication into Sofia Santa Cruz's Fiji water bottle, ABC 7 reports.

"I ingested poison," Santa Cruz told ABC 7. "Somebody put something in my drink."

Lemonfield, who works as a beauty consultant at the BlueMercury Spa in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is accused of intentionally spiked her coworker's water bottle on Oct. 31, while Santa Cruz was doing her mother's make-up in the store.

"As I took the bottle of water and started drinking, I just felt an entire burn in my throat, all the way down," the victim said. "I felt it and I couldn't breathe."

Santa Cruz dragged herself to the nearest restroom, where she vomited violently before calling police and reporting the crime.

Officials later found evidence recorded on a security tape, which shows the suspect pouring what police believe to be the dangerous beauty product into Santa Cruz's drink.

When the officers arrested Lemonfield, she reportedly had a callous response.

"Well, I guess it didn't work then," she allegedly said.

Santa Cruz said she knows how dangerous the chemicals she swallowed can be.

"There was sulfur, acid and alcohol," she added. "It was basically a drying lotion, which means it dries an area of your face from acne. So imagine pouring that into your system, you're drying your throat, your entire throat up, and your stomach too. She tried to kill me, that's all I know."

One of the chemicals that Santa Cruz believes she ingested, glycolic acid, can cause abdominal pain and a burning sensation if swallowed, reports the CDC. In serious cases, it can cause shock or collapse.

Lemonfield will appear in the Montgomery District Court on the morning of Nov. 20 for a preliminary hearing, ABC 7 reports. She could later receive a maximum sentence of 50 years in prison if the court finds her guilty.

Sources: WJLA, CDC / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube


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