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Woman Drives With Her Feet On The Wheel While Texting

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A woman in Philadelphia was caught on camera going to extreme lengths to text and drive. 

Sarah and Shawn Delong were driving on an expressway when they spotted a women steering the car with her feet while texting on her phone. Both hands were typing on the device while her eyes were glued to it.

The woman’s behavior was so scary that Sarah and Shawn had to film it. 

"Someone is going to get killed, that's why I was so mad. You see people on their phones all the time, but that took the cake," Sarah told WPVI. 

Sarah, who was in the passenger seat, recorded the woman using her smartphone while Shawn tailed her, according to the Daily Mail.

"For a good 20 minutes we were in her vicinity whether it was beside her or behind her," Sarah said.

The couple even honked their horn at her to caution her to stop the reckless behavior.

"At one point we beeped at her and I yelled 'get off your phone!' And she looked and smirked at me and went right back to doing whatever it was on her phone," Sarah said.

The vehicle was also swerving, according to the Delongs. Sarah managed to get the woman’s license plate number and called local authorities. But according to WPVI, officers must catch the perpetrator in the act to be able to charge the person with a crime. Otherwise, there’s nothing they can do.

Trauma surgeon Dr. Pak Leung at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia says the number of accidents related to texting while driving has increased over the years. 

Leung told WPVI, "The number is definitely going up. I think about three year ago we'd probably see one maybe every other day. But now we tend to see it if not one, two times a day."

In early August, a Colorado woman was caught texting while speeding down the freeway with one leg propped up on the dashboard. A fellow driver spotted her, capturing the act, and subsequently posted the video to Facebook. 

Sources: WPVIDaily Mail / Photo credit: WPVI via Daily Mail

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