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Photo Of Cat Tied To Hood Of Car Sparks Outrage (Photo)

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One Ohio woman was caught driving through town on Monday with a cat on the hood of her car, though her motivation behind the strange act isn’t clear.

“There I was, sitting at a red light, in the middle of town,” onlooker Polly Vandall wrote on Facebook. “I look up and see … Cat. On a leash. Tied to the hood of a car.”

The New Philadelphia resident managed to snap a picture of the cat perched on a woman’s Buick. Since then, the picture has been circulating on the Internet, and some fear that the cat was put in danger.

Ohio police are currently trying to track down the woman after the photo sparked speculations of animal abuse. Apparently, a number of phone calls were made to the police department by people who were concerned for the cat’s safety.

“There was a lot of outrage that wanted these people hunted down, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and should never own a pet,” Police Chief Michael Goodwin said. “It was pretty ugly on that end.”

Goodwin said that in his 25 years in service he’s seen a lot of strange things, but he’s never seen a cat secured to the hood of a car.

Despite concerns of the cat’s safety from both the local police department and Tuscarawas County Humane Society, both groups have said that it could be difficult to make a case against the cat’s owner for animal abuse. 

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Sources: DailyMail, NBC News

Photo Credit: DailyMail, NBC News


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