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Woman Caught On Camera Stealing Halloween Candy (Video)

A woman in New York got caught red-handed stealing an entire bowl of Halloween candy from a front porch (video below).

A home surveillance camera recorded the unidentified woman from Westchester, New York on Halloween evening, reports the Daily Mail. The video shows her alone, without any children in sight.

The clip shows her wearing glasses and an 'Italia' shirt, clutching a big bag on the front porch of a home.

It was a “serve yourself” arrangement, where the homeowners had left a sign on the bowl telling trick-or-treaters that they may take candy from the dish. Obviously, the recipients were intended to adhere to the honor system, taking only a reasonable quantity of treats.

But the greedy woman instead takes the whole bowl and, after one failed attempt, dumps the entire contents into her bag. After the deed is done, she places the bowl back down and quickly runs away.

When posted to social media, the video caused outrage. On Reddit, one person wrote: “The fact that she came alone (no kids) just speaks to intent. Shameful.” Another chimed in: “I live near this. Vandalism is rampant, and yeah, leaving out a bowl means one person or group will take the bowl.”

Last year, a similar scene also went viral on social media.

That occasion occurred in El Cajon, California, as reported by KFMB. The adult perpetrator was caught by a surveillance camera taking all of the Halloween candy set out by a homeowner, and just as happened in the Westchester incident, there was a note instructing trick-or-treaters to help themselves, but to be considerate of how much to take. But a woman arrives at the residence and takes all the candy.

It makes one wonder how widespread the adult theft of Halloween candy is.

Sources: Daily Mail, KFMB / Photo Credit: YouTube

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