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Camera Catches Woman Shoving Booze Down Pants (Video)

Camera Catches Woman Shoving Booze Down Pants (Video) Promo Image

A Louisiana woman turned herself into police on Aug. 24 after a liquor store security camera captured footage of her stealing several bottles of alcohol by stashing them in her handbag and in her clothing (video below).

After 37-year-old Sekonie Jones reportedly walked out of a Thrifty Liquor Store in Shreveport, Louisiana, on Aug. 18 with the unpaid items, workers called police and filed a report, according to the Shreveport Times.

Shreveport-Caddo Crime Stoppers then published the security camera footage, and Shreveport City Marshal's Office and Louisiana State Probation and Parole Office agents determined that the face in the footage was a familiar one.

Upon arriving at the station, Jones was charged with one count of misdemeanor theft.

According to one report, Jones paid for just one bottle of alcohol but walked out with 18 of them.

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The video depicts the woman entering the liquor store wearing a pink tank top that says "Too Glam" and white leggings. She repeatedly looks around before walking through the aisles, cramming bottle after bottle in her purse and then later moving on to store them in her pants and top, with her eyes darting around all the while.

At one point, a person in a light blue top and khaki pants walks up to her and hands her a bottle. The identity of this person is unknown.

The footage shows the woman checking out, paying for only one bottle, and walking out of the store.

Shreveport Crimestoppers offered a $300 reward for anyone who could help authorities identify the suspect, notes KTAB/KRBC.

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Other folks are believed to have been a part of the huge haul, and they are wanted for questioning, according to KTBS.

An unapologetic Jones commented on the incident in a public Facebook statement that she posted to her profile on Aug. 23.

"I wake up look on my phone see ppl who don't call and just noisey MF yes I'm aware I'm on the news not for MURDER so please stop calling me please stop in boxing me I hustle that's what I do ain't nobody gone give me S**T," she wrote in the status update. "I don't ask ain't nobody gone put shit on my bond I got me so please mind ur business and stay out mines please I'm going to turn myself in and bond out like I have before I'm good stop calling my MF phone plz."

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