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Woman Caught On Camera Encouraging Young Girl to Steal A Donation Jar (Video)

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A Plant City woman was caught on surveillance footage stealing a donation jar from a Bravo Supermarket checkout counter this past Tuesday. The money was supposed to be given to a young girl with Lupus.

The video shows the woman and a young girl at the checkout counter. The woman looks around the store to make sure no one is watching, then prompts the girl to put the jar in their shopping cart. Then, they quickly hide the jar under shopping bags.

Mildred Diaz, whose 15-year-old daughter was meant to receive the money, said she hopes the woman gets caught.

"She is not only stealing from my daughter,” Diaz said, “she's stealing from millions of people who have Lupus that count on donations.”

Despite the loss, Diaz encouraged people to attend a Lupus fundraiser on May 4 at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa to help others battling the disease.

Anyone with information regarding the case should contact the Plant City Police Department.

Sources: Fox News, CBS


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