Stunning Shark Photo Captured In South Africa (Photo)


A New Jersey woman captured a once in a lifetime photo during a recent trip to South Africa. The woman, Amanda Brewer, took a stunning picture of a great white shark from inside of a shark cage. Brewer was in South Africa as a volunteer data collector for the White Shark Africa organization.

Brewer said she “wasn’t even a little bit frightened” as the massive shark approached her cage.

“When you're there and you're in their presence, it's not scary,” she told Time Lightbox. “They're beautiful and graceful, and you can see how intelligent they are.”

Brewer took over the 30 shots of the shark as it swam within a few feet of her cage, but one picture in particular really stood out.

Look at this:

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“I knew immediately that photo was going to do something,” Brewer told Time Lightbox in an interview.

The photo is especially impressive given that Brewer was using the camera, a GoPro, for the first time.

“I bought the camera right before I left for the trip, and had no expectations at all,” she said. “It was the perfect moment, and the camera is so easy to use and takes such magnificent photos. I’d been waiting for this kind of experience my whole life, and was worried that when it finally happened I’d ruin it, but that photo was taken from the cage and the shark was just coming straight at me. It happens so fast when you’re actually there.”

Sources: Time Lightbox, MailOnline

Image Credit: Amanda Brewer


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